Music Submission Guidelines

Here's what NOT to do:

Do NOT #1: Trying to send us to your Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or similar band profile page to listen to your music to see if we’d like to put you on the air.
If what you’re about to write in the message box below starts out with, “Hey, go check out our music at…”, or maybe contains, “Download our EP at…”, it’s just not going to happen. We want YOU to send us what you’re asking us to play to see if it meets the technical and genre requirements for airplay. We have found it much more efficient to have you submit this way. Before even writing to us, you should be familiar enough with the station to know if you have a good shot at airplay or not.

Do NOT #2: Trying to email music to us.
Music files are BIG and just a few of them may fill our mailbox to capacity and then nothing more will get through – from you or anyone else. As we live in a digital age, it is probably easier for you to submit your music to us via Soundcloud. 


Here's what to do:

#1 Fill out the detailed information below.

#2 Follow us on all of our social media handles (links listed below)

#3 That's it..

We will reach out to you once selected and we will provide you with a time and date in which we will live stream your video and discuss it.