What’s the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

These are the important phases that transform a musical concept from your imagination into a finished work of art ready for manufacture and distribution. Each requires unique skills and tools to ensure the best quality results and thereby, the success of the project.


Mixing is the blending of the many recorded tracks. This is often the most time-consuming part. It encompasses editing, choosing and assigning effects, and adjusting volumes track by track and often within each track. Mixing is a delicate balance of the many elements so that every part has its own space to live within the mix. A well-mixed song is far more than just a sum of its parts.


CD mastering is the final step, the process that fine-tunes a good mix into a great, radio-ready song or CD. We first analyze the recording and clean up noise, or any unwanted artifacts, and apply fades. We then optimize the tracks for level and EQ, giving your recordings clarity, depth, and articulation. Next, we enhance the song to give it the punch and desired intensity specific to its musical genre. And finally, when multiple songs are to be included in a collection, we master them all to fit together on a release.

Why Digital Mastering?

Now more than ever, with the rise of the personal home studio, it is important to have your music listened to by a professional who has the experience, know-how, and equipment to give your songs the professional edge needed to compete. In today’s music marketplace, song or CD mastering is more important than ever and it is critical to have a mastering job that makes your CD compete with other commercial releases. Don’t leave this critical step to an amateur! All professionally released CDs are mastered, yours should be, too!


Book a Mix or/and Master 3 EASY Steps


*Send Stems via google drive or Dropbox to BlakMarigold@gmail.com 

*Call us and we will verify that we have received the proper format for mix and give you an estimated timeline for completion and amount of hours.

*Schedule a Mixing or/and Mastering Session


We support any .WAV formats that are exported as stems 
Please allow 2-8 days to complete a project
(completion could be longer depending on the number of tracks being mixed or the number of stems).



Get Great Results through Blak Marigold Pro Mastering

The bottom line is results! We will listen to your mix and analyze what is needed, setting a plan for where it needs to be. Our goal is to Master your music to the highest possible fidelity so that it stands out from the crowd and sounds the way you intended it to sound: Clean, Clear, and Rich!

If you are doing a complete album with us, we take it one step further and make sure that every song sounds consistent with the others. After the audio mastering of each song, we then listen as a whole to the album and make critical adjustments so that no song is louder or lower than the rest. Care is taken to assure a consistent sounding CD. We also will handle all of the editings, the song fades, trimming, and spacing between songs, as requested by you. The bottom line is CD mastering will make your CD ready for duplication, radio play, or club spins. If you request a CD master, it will be Red-Booked. Nothing else will be needed to be done.

***For best results be sure to give us room to work. Do not apply any final compression or normalization. Accepted formats are 24bit/48Khz or 16bit/44.1Khz .WAV or AIFF. MP3s are also accepted. We will return your finished master at 16bit/44.1K unless otherwise requested.