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“Our purpose is to increase your sales, improve your profits and build your company’s image and reputation.”

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It’s a proven fact -- when it comes to increasing community exposure and capturing your share of the profits -- advertising works. By actively promoting your product or service through advertising, you can generate the sales you need to make your business a success. When you use effective advertising, you can:


INVEST IN SUCCESS Research has shown that advertising offers long-term advantages. A study of more than 3,000 companies revealed that businesses that did not advertise grew at half the rate of those businesses that advertised regularly, while those who maintained or expanded their advertising experienced a sales increase of up to 100 percent within 5 years.

CREATE STORE TRAFFIC Getting customers through the door is the first step to making a sale. By advertising your products or services you can increase your customer base and make the sales you need to succeed.

ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS As most communities experience a growth in transient populations, the increasing number of potential buyers that move into your area offer your business new market opportunities that promise greater revenues.

ENCOURAGE NEW CUSTOMERS Although prices and service influence customers, advertising will enable you to outstride the competition and keep your business in the public eye.

GENERATE CONTINUOUS BUSINESS Only advertising can provide you with the opportunity to reach thousands of customers at a time. This opens your door to more sales each and every day.

BUILD A BETTER IMAGE FOR YOUR BUSINESS With advertising your business becomes a vital presence in the community. The image you create through advertising increases your visibility and brings you respect among your peers and your customers. The Local Station.


Why Radio?

More than any other advertising medium, radio can reach qualified potential candidates in more places, more frequently, and with more creativity and imagination.

When you use radio to advertise you will:

REACH POTENTIAL CANDIDATES AT HOME, IN THE CAR, AT THE OFFICE, AND ONLINE. Studies have shown that on-the-go Americans spend an average of three hours a day tuned in to the only medium that has become their constant travel and leisure companion -- radio. Qualified candidates become a captive audience for your message.

SEND A ONE-ON-ONE MESSAGE. Radio advertising creates a more intimate relationship between your business and the listening audience. By using an effective combination of sound effects, music, voices and words, you can personalize your radio advertising to continually attract a growing share of the market.

CREATE A COST-EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR YOUR BUSINESS Because minimum time and expense is spent in producing a commercial, a radio recruitment program easily fits well within your marketing budget. DELIVER A MORE CREATIVE AND PERSUASIVE MESSAGE With the simple yet attention-getting elements of radio advertising, you can create interest, command attention, and compel qualified candidates to head directly to the front door of your business. GET RESULTS!!! Radio doesn’t reach everyone - just 95.5% of the twelve + population in America Monday through Sunday. The Local Station.


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